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BS Optometry


Bachelor of Science in Optometry


Optometry is a medical care occupation that is independent, well-informed and controlled (licensed / registered) as well as optometrists are the main healthcare professionals of the eye and vision program who supply extensive eye and eyesight care, which include refraction and shelling out, detection / diagnosis and control over illnesses in the eye and rehab of condition of the visual system.

Optometry is a diverse and engaging health care profession, which encompasses not only the detection of refractive errors, but also detection and management of eye diseases, fitting and prescription of contact lens, care of patients with low vision, offering advice on problems with color vision, it is a very vast field that goes side by side with all other medical sciences.  Optometry is one of the most blessed professions as it deals with enhancing and aiding people with the gift of sight, perhaps one of the most important and most fascinating senses of the body.

Course Eligibility

  1. Candidate must have completed the 12 year of education.
  2. Candidate should have 3rd division or equivalent percentage in intermediate / A-Level (Biology Mandatory)
  3. Candidate should have 3rd division or equivalent percentage in matriculation.


Duration of Course

The duration for this program is 5 years that is 10 semesters.