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About Us


   Welcome to Raise Institute of Science and Technology AJK Branch

Welcome to Raise Institute of Science and Technology, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Here you will find exceptional experiences that allow you to grow and develop, explore new interests, and fully realize your potential.

Producing career-ready graduates has always been central to our mission. Through a process that includes career exploration and professional preparation, we connect you with career paths and foster the skills and mindset needed for professional advancement.

When you walk across the stage as a graduating senior at commencement, you will have more than just a degree from Raise Institute of Science and Technology. You will have career direction and the confidence needed for success in your chosen field.

Lastly, here you will find the guidance and support to develop your leadership skills, explore your passion for your relevant field, serve our community, conduct your own research, or pursue a career-defining internship. 

You will find mentors in our faculty, staff, and coaches, and, through our campus’ rich social and cultural life, you will make connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our website contains many resources for you to learn about Raise Institute of Science and Technology. I encourage you to visit our beautiful campus, meet our students and faculty, and see for yourself the outstanding opportunities, activities, and facilities that Raise Institute of Science and Technology offers.

Our Mission

Raise Institute of Science and Technology is committed to all-encompassing growth of its students, besides enabling them to tap the world of knowledge and assume leadership role in the future through a process of continual innovation in education, research, creativity, technological advancement and entrepreneurship.
  • To provide education of the highest academic quality, rigorous in its demands and distinctive in its character.
  • To promote the advancement of society through research, creative activity, scholarly inquiry and the development of new knowledge.
  • To achieve academic excellence across a broad range of disciplines through continuous innovation, improvement, and expansion.
  1. To make a center for intellectually demanding education that nurtures independence of mind and critical inquiry, as well as enables students to realize their personal ambitions and contribute to the development of society.
  1. To produce the next generation of professionals to the high standard of ethical and moral values, which will make them better human beings too.
  2. To proactively expand academic networking at the national and international levels.
  3. To provide continues support to societies interests, concerns, priorities, and aspirations.

Our Vision

To be a globally recognized, delivering quality education and research excellence with strong commitment to enhance socio-economic development for sustainable society.

Raise Institute of Science and Technology respects the infinite worth of every individual and graduates persons of ability and conviction who draw upon their education and faith to lead principled, productive, and compassionate lives that improve the human condition.

We believe that the following factors have a great impact on our work and life.

  • LEARNING: Learning is high academic expectations in an environment combining liberal arts and professional 
  • FAITH: Our diverse faiths call us to make the world a kinder and better place, establish justice, build peace amid strife, and model lives of selfless love.
  • SERVICE: Committing self in service to others connects faith with action and abilities with convictions;
  • INNOVATION: Innovations are intended to raise productivity and efficiency of learning and/or improve learning quality.
  • RESPECT: Respect is a very important foundational factor in the development and maintenance of a healthy learning environment. It is respect that opens space for the development of trust and learning.
  • INTEGRITY: Integrity, honesty and trust are the foundations of teaching and learning, enriching, enduring relationships, and strong communities.
  • EQUALITY & DIVERSITY: Understanding differences develops respect for ethnic, cultural, and religious pluralism;
  • EXCELLENCE: Excellence encourages to be curious about the world around, gives the tools needed to explore and discover the curious things, promotes agency to affect change, builds sense of self-worth, inspires personal purpose and place in the community, and equips with the knowledge and capacity to have economic and social success.
  • COMPASSION: Compassion enhances the effectiveness of any strategies that would normally put in place. It gives an opportunity to trust choices and have faith in the requests which are made.
  • COMMITMENT: Commitment helps to stick to your goals during the good times and the bad times —when barriers get in the way. They are extremely powerful because they influence how one think, how one sound, and how one act which then feeds the perception engine of what others think.

Our major domains to focus are as:

  • Unclear and Transparent Merit.
  • Outreach and Community-building.
  • Transparency and Accountability.
  • Support to poor and deserving students.
  • Leadership and Managerial skills Development.
  • Personalized and person-focused Education.

The VISION of Raise Institute of Science and Technology is to educate inspire and transform knowledge through education research innovation to improve quality of life. To be the best teaching institution, having a transformative impact on society and acting as a knowledge corridor between Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan, UK, and rest of the World.


Our Objectives

  • To offer training in science and technology, technical education and other training.
  • To formulate plans for the promotion, technological development and improvement of the quality of education and training being offered to students and other stakeholders.
  • To promote and encourage innovation, initiative and readiness amongst staff and students in their fields of specialization and study.
  • To collaborate with other institutions nationally and internationally in the initiation, promotion and conduct of technical education, science and technology Programs.
  • To carry out any other assignments given by the government through its various organs.