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COVID Vaccination Workshop

COVID VACCINATION WORKSHOP was organised by AJK (Azad and Jammu Kashmir) HEALTH Department at RAISE INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Kotli Campus under supervision of Miss Musarat AD Training and Dr. Fida Butt Sb ADHO. A vast majority of local community has been vaccinated & people are provided with information about COVID and its new Variants. We very much appreciate all hard work & efforts of Dr. Fida Butt sb and Miss Musarat in making a real positive difference in our people’s lives. Thank you so much RAISE HEALTHCARE SERVICES

Charity Project By HCF

HUMANITY COMES FIRST is a Charity wing of RAISE INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY-Registration No- 592-MZD Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah We are pleased to announce that with great help of our donors, hard work of HCF team especially our Chairperson Miss Bushra Iqbal who had been working round the clock to get this project completed Mashallah making people independent first project completed- A Barber Shop set up completed & handed over. Special thanks to Adil Bahi for his precious input. Please join hands with HCF team to support & serve the Humanity. Jazakallah Khair.

AJK University Delegation Visited Raise

Previous Next AJK University delegation visited Raise Institute of Science and Technology Kotli, AJK Campus on 9 June 2022. The students and staff of Raise gave a warm welcome to the visitors. An interactive session between the students and the visitors took place, which results were satisfactory.  A huge thanks to AJK University for such interactive event.

Dr. Iftikhar Introductory Lecture

A one-to-one meeting plays a significant role between principal and his student to create a healthy and strong relationship, which is very helpful not only for the students, principle but also for the institute in the long run. Keeping this as an objective, Raise Institute of Science and Technology conducted an introductory meeting of Professor Dr. Iftikhar Butt, Executive Director / Principal of Raise, with the Students of Raise. It was an interactive session as students question and answer session with their new principal.  

Raise Executive Directive

“It’s a great pleasure & pride moment while sharing my heartfelt views and feelings with teachers, staff and students of Raise Institute of Science & Technology after joining it as Executive Director. As head of this Institute, it is a grand opportunity for me to devote my capabilities to play a role of mentor and to enrich my students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling them to serve the community with ability, sincerity and commitment.” Professor Dr. Iftikhar Butt It’s a pride moment for us, Raise Institute of Science and Technology, to announce  this great news that Professor Dr. Iftikhar Butt has joined our institute as Executive Director / Principal of Raise. We are confident that his joining will lead the way to a new horizon and his expertise exposer and experience will inspire our students to achieve their maximum potential.    Professor Dr. Iftikhar Butt has recently retired as a Dean faculty of management sciences from “University of Kotli”. He also performed visiting lecturer’s duty in Common Wealth College, Luton, United kingdom and Luton International College, Luton United Kingdom. He got his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Human Resource Management (HRM) from University of West London and […]